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Membership Information

There are two older versions of the membership information details posted below, please scroll down to view.

As of 2013, there are two membership levels available. This changes annually and we suggest contacting club management for current offerings and specific details.

1: Business Membership Types:

"Business Membership types include Corporate, Limited Corporate and Executive. Corporate and Limited Corporate are no long available for new Members or as an upgrade option for existing members.

Each business membership type is maintained by one (1) Charter Member but is owned by the Charter Member's company. Limited Corporate Memberships are comprised of the one (1) Charter Member and may not have Associate Members. A Corporate Membership type includes (1) Charter Member and may designate up to (8) Associate Members. An Executive Membership type includes (1) Charter Member and may designate up to (8) Affiliate Members. Initiation fees and annual dues are applicable to each Affiliate Membership. The Charter Member for Corporate or Executive Membership types may designate one (1) additional named individual referred to as a VIP Cardholder. VIP Cardholders  are part of the of the Individual Membership to which they belong but are not considered a "Member" and do not have annual dues."

2: Individual membership types:

"Individual membership types are now Platinum Memberships. Gold and Silver Membership types are no longer available for new members.

Each Individual Membership type is maintained by one (1) Charter Member. The Platinum Membership type includes up to three (3) additional VIP Cardholders. VIP Cardholders are part of the Individual Membership to which they belong but are not considered a "Member" and do  not have annual dues.

Initiation fees and annual dues are applicable to each Individual Membership type per the current fee schedule. The Charter Member is responsible for payment of annual dues for the Membership."

There are two membership information brochures posted on this site. The one posted below is several years old.

To view one of the original publications for membership, please click here. 

In respect for the club, the actual amounts have been removed. I feel this is in good taste and best serves the interest of the club. 


High above the streets and courtyards of New Orleans Square, hidden from public view and the bustle of a typical day at Disneyland, is a page of old New Orleans that even the proud Creole society might have chosen and cherished as its own.


Here French doors open onto balconies that overlook Disneyland's own muddy Mississippi, the Rivers of America. Here in the tradition of the good host, Walt Disney and his staff planned and executed Disneyland's most exclusive setting -- part elegant dining room, part relaxed refreshment center, part distinguished art gallery, part meeting room and part private showplace.

Here, away from the general public adult beverages are available, including the finest of wines to match the house food specialties.

This was Walt Disney's concept -- an elegant, exclusive club . . . a place for conversation, and conversation piece in its own right.


Corporate Membership

This membership is designed for organizations to make Club 33 available to a number of their executives, and has a membership fee of $xx This entitles the corporate member to designate up to nine associate members. Dues for associate members are $xx per year. All memberships are transferable to other executives in the corporation.

Members no longer in the employment of the corporate member's company must surrender the membership cards to Club 33. The corporate member may then designate another member of his company.

Limited Corporate Membership

This membership is designed for organizations wishing to make Club 33 available to one of their executives, and has a membership fee of $xx. This entitles the corporation to transfer the membership to another employee whenever necessary. For individual members, credit is extended based upon the membership fee initially paid if a transfer of membership is desired. Dues are $xx per year.

Individual Membership

This particular membership is for individuals and is available at $xx membership fee and $xx annual dues. These memberships are nontransferable.


All members must have a valid membership card to gain entrance to Club 33. Additional utilization of the card is to spouse only, with reservations accepted only from the cardholder, the spouse or the cardholder's assistant. Use of the membership card is subject to the terms covering membership agreed to by the member in the membership application. We reserve the right to approve or disapprove any membership to assure that our high standards are maintained.

The membership card entitles the member and a party of nine to free parking and admission through the Main Entrance of DISNEYLANDŽ (except when special tickets are the only admission to a special event or private party). This privilege is applicable when the member plans to dine at Club 33. If the card is used for admission but the member decides not to dine at the club, the member will be billed for the regular price of admission. If the member is unable to accompany the guests to Club 33, the Club will arrange admission for them at no charge. Members may purchase DISNEYLANDŽ passports through Club 33 for pick-up at the Guest Relations Booth.

To remain a member in good standing, dues must be paid annually within thirty (30) days following receipt of invoice.

Usage of Club 33 is by reservation only. It is advisable to call for reservations well in advance.

Private parties utilizing the entire Club facilities are available upon member's request with the required minimum number of guests.


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