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The Buffet

The new lunch/brunch offers chilled appetizers and  an open dessert bar but the hot entree is ordered from a menu selection.

(Should you wish to read my review of this new lunch, please click on this link.)

To View the New Lunch Buffet please click on this link.

In memorial to the original buffet, we have left the web page featuring photos and descriptions.

Club 33 offers a wondrous lunch buffet. For those seeking to sample a variety of the chef's handiwork, this is an enjoyable event which should not be missed. 

Clad in his best tuxedo, Mickey is a frequent guest. 
For a full sized version of this photo please click here.
Mickey frequents Club 33 during Sunday Brunch. For special events, any Disney costumed character may be arranged to visit. Click member benefits for details. 


No expense has been spared in bringing you the most delectable assortment of fine foods. Some of these photos were taken on St. Valentines day, hence the decorations. 

Polished brass and fine silver accent the buffet. Etched glass with the Club 33 logo bring to life the club's mystique. 

Fine breads await your selection. 

For an appetizer, fresh, hand selected shell fish taste divine. Fine biscuits and caviar are also served. 

Pate's and selected meats are available, chilled to perfection. 

Fresh fruit makes for a refreshing appetizer.

Served fresh and cooked while you wait, nothing compares to the Club 33 pasta bar. You select your favorite pasta and ingredients, and within minutes a sizzling skillet full of delectable pasta is placed before you. 

Éclairs, cheesecake, famous macaroons, it's all here. 

Cakes, cookies, a dream come true. The large silver bowl on the right is a rich chocolate sauce. Lightly poured over marshmallows (rear, center of table), the taste is fabulous. 

Here is something you will only see at Club 33. Mickey Mouse cheesecake. Rich and creamy, it's the best. 


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