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Lounge Alley

Vintage Images Prior to Renovation

Exiting the French Lift, you're now on the second floor. Lounge Alley. Here you will be greeted by the maitre' d. Your table is ready and after a brief introduction to the club, you will be seated. Walking through the Lounge Alley you'll see numerous items of interest.  

Surrounded by glass, this is the second floor French Lift exit. Guests dining at the club will be met here by the maitre' d.


This is the maitre' d reception table, located on the second floor. Behind this table is the sound room, where Walt had planned to place the actor who would animate the vulture within the trophy room. 


Gold embossed dinner menus awaiting the nightly festivities.

The photos above and below, are of the beautiful phone booth used in Disney's film "The Happiest Millionaire." I have seen this on several web sites described as a "reproduction of the booth" but the club manager assured me it is the original. The detail and work which has gone into this piece is marvelous. To read more about  "The Happiest Millionaire" click on this link. 


Within the booth is located this black and gold antique phone. It is a working push button phone and guests are allowed to make calls. 

After walking up the stairs to the second floor (should you not ride the French lift), this is the view to your immediate left.  

Below you see the four stretching portraits found within the Haunted Mansion. These are smaller versions, approx 10x20in.

Keeping in the spirit of New Orleans Square, this is the conceptual artwork for The Haunted Mansion. Drawn by Sam McKim in 1958, the drawing was based on an actual antebellum estate. McKim received his inspiration for this piece from Disney artist Ken Anderson. 

Gift cabinet displaying the many collectibles available to guests. 

Incredibly detailed, this is an extremely unique table.

Entry way table with bronze and flowers which was used in the Disney film Mary Poppins. Atop the table sits a photo from the film where the entry way table is visible.  

Located near the buffet, this grandfathers clock is very delicate.

Selected by Lillian Disney as an entertainment centerpiece, this beautiful harpsichord features a hand painted scene of New Orleans Harbor. On his occasional visits, Elton John is known to sit and entertain friends and club guests.

Another wonderful area to sit and enjoy a refreshing Blue Bayou blended spirit drink. From here you can hear the strolling Bayou Brass Band and enjoy the smooth Jazz sounds.

Even the lighting is beautiful. 

Another wonderful antique reflecting the elegance of the club. 

There is a very good chance that when enjoying the club you'll be a bit too overwhelmed to enjoy the intricate detail of this lovely painting. Here you can see the jazz band riding the bow of the Mark Twain as she disembarks for a cruise on the Rivers of America.

The Lounge Alley as walking towards the Trophy Room.

A beautiful view of the Lounge Alley before it turns North. The white door straight ahead leads to the manager's office and facilities. The ladies lavatory is located on the immediate left, just past the red curtains.

Walking towards the main dinning room, this is the North/West Lounge Alley walkway.

This lovely print hangs proudly upon the West wall of the Lounge Alley. You can see a few of the dessert glasses which are available to guests during the lunch buffet.

A rare artist's conceptualization of New Orleans Square. When visiting the club, look closely at the pink building and you'll see a sign  displaying 'Pirates of the Caribbean'.

A small wine cabinet, located in the Lounge Alley prior to the main dinning room entrance, displays a sampling of the many wines available at the club. Many more are available upon request.

Entering the main dinning room is this photo of Walt Disney and one of his animatronic figures from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Another beautiful floral arrangement.

Imagine sitting in the Lounge Alley, sipping a fresh Mint Julep, with these fine fellows playing just below your window.


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