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Below are several interesting concepts which have existed for years regarding the '33'!

To many, the number reflects the address of the club. According to the State of California Alcoholic Beverage Control rules and regulations, any establishment serving liquor, wine, beer, or spirits of any type must obtain a license for such. Said license must be issued to an exact address which will fall under the guidelines as established by ABC rules. Since the club was the only establishment within the park to sell wine and spirits, an address was required. 33 Rue Royale Street (commonly listed as 33 Royal Street ) was thusly established.

Next is the concept based upon the premature death of Walt Disney and the Club's destiny. Sadly, Walt passed away approx. five months prior to the club's completion. Many of the features of the club where therein set aside and the future of the club was in jeopardy. It is believed that 47 of the main investors of the park were consulted in regards to the club's name and function and 33 members voted to continue with the construction, keeping alive Walt's vision . The construction was finished and private memberships where open for application.

Another is based upon the park sponsors of 1966 and 1967, which when counted, equal 33.

Another popular belief is based upon the shape of the numeral "3". If you take a "3" and lay it sideways (on the open side), rumor has it that such numerals suddenly appear to become mouse ears. To be specific, "33", 'Mickey and Minnie'. Interesting to be sure. 

The number 13 was important to Walt, perhaps for it's relationship to the Free Masons or perhaps because the 13th letter of the alphabet is 'M'.
Disneyland's address is 1313 S. Harbor Blvd., Anaheim CA 92802.
For Walt, 1313 meant MM, Mickey Mouse, or perhaps, Mickey and Minnie.

Another explanation is that Walt was a 33rd Degree Mason. I met a Mason named John Glick who worked in Hollywood and stated he had seen Walt attend meetings from time to time but due to his busy schedule, he was not there on a regular basis. In the film industry there are items placed in films called Easter Eggs. Easter Eggs are bits and pieces of other films or items of historical significance, placed there for entertainment by the crew, director, or producer. The concept of the famous "Hidden Mickey" can be called an Easter Egg. Does the club have a few such related Easter Eggs within the walls? Little signs signifying some meaning or association may be present.
Another clue, perhaps the most significant in the entire club is the design of this floor. Most cast members are not aware of the significance of this design, but there are those who will instantly recognize the historical and age old meanings.  I find the design of the floor to be quite Masonic in design, almost too perfect to be coincidental.
Sadly, the  beautiful tile floor in the below photo is no longer visible to the public, as the main entrance to Club 33 has been relocated. 

The pillars of Jachin and Boaz could be defined via the tile design.

Could these lovely windows hold a clue? The enlightened guest will know.


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